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「音樂家」網條款及免責聲明 Disclaimer

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「音樂家」網條款及免責聲明 Disclaimer



1 - 對自己在「音樂家」網發佈、轉載的所有信息負全部法律責任;

2 - 自行確實論壇中各種信息及服務的真實性、正確性、安全性,可靠性,並自行承擔任何種類的任何損害(物質的、非物質的,直接的、間接的)華會所不承擔任何法律和道義上的責任;

3 - 保証您發佈的信息不包含任何與音樂無關的信息,非法(包括未經受權的使用受著作權保護的)材料.


「音乐家」网条款及免责声明 Disclaimer




1 - 对自己在「音乐家」网发佈、转载的所有信息负全部法律责任;

2 - 自行确实论坛中各种信息及服务的真实性、正确性、安全性,可靠性,并自行承担任何种类的任何损害(物質的、非物質的,直接的、間接的)華會所不承擔任何法律和道義上的責任;

3 - 保証您发布的信息不包含任何与音乐无关的信息,非法(包括未经受权的使用受著作权保护的材料. Disclaimer


By accessing 「音樂家」網 (, you agree to the following:

- You will take full responsibility for all of your publications.

- Use of material and/or information from this website is at your own discretion and risk, and you will be solely responsible for any damage or loss (material, non-material, direct, indirect) that results from the use of any such material and/or information.

- You declare and warrant that your publications and/or information postings do not contain anything not related to music, illegal (including copyrighted material used without permission).